Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Seasons Box 2013 Spoiler

Seasonsbox always gives you previews of the their boxes (love that) but here are the specifics you could not get from the preview:

The umbrella is in a khaki brownish color
The tea is Irish Breakfast tea (YAY! A tea I actually really like!)
And the incense is in Oriental Lime!

I burned the incense and it smells predominantly like smoke to me.  Happy about the tea though, I really like  Irish Breakfast Tea.  I had really been hoping the umbrella would be more green for whatever reason. The soap smells awesome!!

ps-My boyfriend keeps teasing that what I really love about the box is the cute ribbon they wrap around it.  It is being used as hair bow at the moment. A very long hair bow, but I am loving it just the same :-)

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