Monday, September 30, 2013

Wantable September 2013 Accessories Box

Wantable is a rather unique subscription box service in that it offers multiple types of subscriptions (cosmetics, accessories, and intimates) for $36 a month. It allows for a higher level of individual customization since subscribers take surveys detailing their specific preferences. They also let you skip as needed and return the whole box if it is not a match.

Wantable approached me to try one of their boxes for review, and I choose the accessories box since I have not had a lot of experience with boxes like it. I also tend to like it when other subscriptions send me things that fall into that category, so I thought it would be fun to try.

When I first approached the survey, I was a bit confused.  I made selections, but it would not let me move on to the next page until I selected more possibilities on the page.  When I touched base with Wantable about this, they let me know that there is a minimum number of options that must be picked, and that they were unaware that there was not a message explaining this. All in all, not a big deal, I just ended up picking a few more options than I would have without it.

They offer a lot of variation if desired, and it was fun to guess what I might get.  I realized this was the one subscription where I surely could not count on any real spoilers!

Survey completed and my confirmation received, I thought it would be a while before I saw my box.  I was wrong. Wantable blew my my mind by how quickly they expedited and shipped my order!  I wish other services would jump on their bandwagon!

So...what did I get and how did they do?

The first item I received was a Bora "Betty" Watch I could not find the exact one I got online, but I found a site that sells the brand. The band actually looks more navy than bright blue in person.  Hit or Miss? I would say a hit.  This clean, sleek, slightly sporty styling is very me, and yet I am not sure I would have picked it up on my own. That is great, because I expect these services to stretch me a bit.  A couple of hours after I got it, I was messing with the buttons on the side because I wanted to see if the watch had a working chronometer or if it was just cosmetic.  It was just cosmetic and unfortunately, one of the buttons has stayed pushed down since I depressed it.  This is kind of bummer, but I am sure I can figure out how to fix it.

A.J. Morgan "Marie" Sunglasses in Brown Hit or Miss? Hit!  These are fun!  I feel like a diva fashionista with these on, and much more sophisticated than I actually am. Again, these are not something I would have picked out for myself but they are very cool :-)
My photo of the glasses

Stock photo of the glasses. Photo Credit: A.J. Morgan

Brown Leopard Scarf from Accessory St. New York I could not find the exact one I was sent online, but they carry the brand at Nordstroms. Hit or Miss? Miss :-(  I cannot believe I am saying that about a scarf, since I have become quite the scarf lover over the last year, but this one is just not my speed.  Now, this may change after I have spent some time with it.  It is also definitely a nice warm one, so I will not get use of it very soon since it is warmer than usual at the moment. (Note to Mother Nature, I am not complaining).

Bottom Line: Two hits and a miss is not bad.  I think the scarf came from having to select an additional style option that was not really me because of Wantable's minimum number of options requirement.  I think had I been able to narrow my style choices a bit, they would have been three for three. Again, I cannot say with certainty that the scarf is a miss until I have really spent time with it, but it was not love at first sight.

Wantable's expediting and shipping was excellent, and my items were packed really well.  They are really friendly and eager to assist customers as needed.  My friends have had really good experiences with Wantable's picks and their customer service.  I was actually impressed given all the possible options, how on target they were. (Side note: This also made me feel a little predictable and boring ;-). Bottom line, I would definitely consider using this service again I wanted to give myself a little treat.  There policy makes it pretty risk free, and I have no doubt their customer service would continue to be easy to deal with should anything crop up. Plus, I definitely felt the value exceeded the cost of the box.

Please share if you subscribe or have tried Wantable, or if are considering giving them a whirl!

*Note-I was approached by Wantable and received this box free of charge for review purposes.  Although I am grateful for the opportunity to review it, my opinions about the box and the subscription are truthful and entirely my own.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Glossybox September, 2013 Spoiler

My box!

Glossybox for September will include four full size items that they say have a $110 value, but I do not know what the theme is or what they will be yet. 

Spoiler 1: Nioxin Diamax
Photo Credit: Glossybox

Spoiler 2: BCBG Max Azaria Bon Genre Fragrance .33 Fl. Oz. Travel Size Pen
Photo Credit: Glossybox

Spoiler 3: Emite Professional Eyelash Curler
Photo Credit: Emite

Spoiler 4: Oceane Femme Makeup Remover Pen (The company is based in Brazil)
Photo Credit: Oceane

Photo Credit: be a Bombshell
Spoiler 5: Be a Bombshell Eyeliner

*Enabler alert! You can get an extra $2.75 off if you use your ebates account to subscribe to Glossybox. I try to check ebates every time before I buy something, because I can usually get a discount there. It even works on their special edition boxes.

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Starlooks Starbox September, 2013 Spoilers

Just found the above video featuring Marci Star, CEO of Starlooks, talking about the line and the September box specifically. 

Spoilers are in:
Infinity Eyeliner Pot
Milky Way Eyeliner. Photo Credit: Starlooks

1. Infinity Eyeliner Pot in Milky Way

Lip Gloss
Pearl Necklace Lip Gloss. Photo Credit: Starlooks.

2. Lip Gloss in Pearl Necklace
Fashion Lashes
Photo Credit: Starlooks

3.  Fashion Lashes

The looksbook is up! The theme seems to be New York Fashion Week. It looks frosty with highlighter products. Let me know if you guys have any guesses based on the pics.

Hmm..the cheek highlighter is standing out and they all seem to be wearing the same lip color...

Photo Credit: Starlooks

Here is their blurb about the box:

September - Behind the Scenes

Fashion and Beauty are one in the same, so the September Starbox honors the beginning of this year’s New York Fashion week, as well as the creatives of the fashion/beauty industry from the past, present, and future. Now is the time when Fashion Designers, Makeup Brands and Artists, etc. all come together as one to show the world what’s next!
What’s next for you?… Starlooks ;)

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Foundation Stick Review
Photo Credit: Maybelline

First impressions and reactions after using the product

I was really excited about the gel stick format for a foundation.  Foundation is the one makeup item I have always had concerns about when it comes to travel and portability. This stick format is great, because it seems like it would travel well, and be generally less messy than other foundation formats. The shine-free core looked a bit gimmicky since I cannot imagine a reason beyond marketing that it needed have a stand-alone core.

The first thing I did was swatch it on my arm because I had been really concerned whether or not I had picked the right shade.  This has always been a concern for me about drugstore foundations since testers are not available.  It does not matter how nice it is if the shade is off and you had to go buy another one. Well….the shade was a match!  I wonder how much of that was dumb luck and how much was experience with cosmetics, either way, I was happy!

There was no information on the packaging with respect to SPF, which is a BIG deal to me, so that delayed me using it until I had the opportunity to look it up.  There also was not a great deal of information about it on the Maybelline website, which really surprised me. I also did not see any information about SPF on the PR release, so I am guessing there is not any.  Now this just means I have to make sure to get my sun protection from another face product, but I like the convenience of having it all in one. I am very active and outdoorsy, so SPF needs to be part of my routine.

I like the way it applies!  It is not fussy, and blends easily.  It makes me think I could do one of those three minute makeup challenges someday ;-)  I used a flat head synthetic brush to blend and I was done with application in seconds.


I liked it but I really wished there was more information included.  I was really surprised that sun protection was not even mentioned. The stick format is great for taking it places.

Product effectiveness

Weight is a big deal for me with foundation, because if it feels too heavy, it will only get worse as the day goes on and I will not want to wear.  Thankfully, the formula was pretty lightweight. The coverage was on the light side.

It was a little weird to see my face so matte after applying, but I liked the finish. As for durability, it seems to last okay.  I think you could make it through most of the workday without having to think about it.
Bottom Line

I would definitely buy it and recommend it to others. It would not be my go-to foundation though mostly because of the light coverage. I would be thrilled if they were able to make one that had medium to full coverage. I love the portability as well as the easy and mess free storage and application. This is a foundation I would throw into my purse, carry-on, and drawer in my office.  

p.s.- After I wrote this, I decided to try it with a primer for the heck of it.  The result was lovely!  Now, I would definitely use it either way, but I thought you all might want to know. Also, I found out that SPF ingredients tend to increase shine, so that may have been why they left it out of the Shine Free Foundation ;-)
      Note: I received this product free of charge as part of my participation in a focus group.  The   opinions shared about the product are entirely my own and 100% honest. It feels a little weird having to say that, but it is important to me that you know exactly where I am coming from. :-)

Photo Credit: Benefit

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Shakeup Your Makeup: A fun way to keep things fresh and find new looks!

Sooo....I have a lot of palettes. There ARE people who have more than I do, but STILL, I have a lot.  They are a slice of happiness for me because I am always "re-discovering" palettes and it really is like I just got them.

Like many of you, I can get stuck in ruts.  Either I will stick with the same palette or the same basic look. That is okay some of the time, but I really do not expand or learn by doing the same old thing.

So, I have come up with a little game that helps keep things fresh. All you need are two glasses (or bags) and some scraps of paper.

One glass has all of my palettes written down on little scraps of paper.
One glass has tons of different looks (cat eye, smokey eye) and colors in it, which I add to as they occur to me.

So, when I am feeling like I have been being particularly lame or boring, or if I am just feeling a bit adventurous, I pluck one slip from each glass.  The combos range wildly, and it really nudges me to shop my stash and step out of my comfort zone. Plus, it's fun!

Obviously, you can substitute the glass for a bag (I am looking at you, Ipsy bags).  If you do try this, please comment and tell me about it, I would love to hear what your experiences are like. Also, owning up to all the palettes I own and my silly little game was a little embarrassing, so It would be nice to know that I have company. ;-)

Photo Credit:Benefit

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

What I got today: the LORAC Special Edition Stylist Palette from Hautelook!!!!

I got the LORAC Special Edition Stylist Palette from Hautelook in the mail today!!! SO excited to play with it! 

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Friday, September 13, 2013

POPSUGAR Must Have September, 2013 Spoilers!

The September POPSUGAR box! 

We have spoilers!  Especially excited about the diffuser!

Spoiler 1: P.S. You’re Invited (40+ DIY Projects for All Your Fashion, Home Decor & Entertaining Needs)
Photo Credit: Atria Books

Spoiler 2:Set of Headbands from Kitsch
Photo Credit: Kitsch

Spoiler 3: Barr Co. Diffuser$product410x615$
Photo Credit: Barr Co.

Photo Credit: Sharkies

Spoiler 5: Set of Coasters from Rifle Paper Company
Botanical Coaster Set
Photo Credit: Rifle Paper Company

Photo Credit: That's it

Spoiler 7: $25 Gift Card for Shoptiques
Image Credit: Shoptiques

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