Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Piczzle: Your special puzzle with your own photo. Review and Giveaway! *Ended. Winner announced!


The cover of the box: What a face!!!

The box opened!  I resisted putting it all together because I wanted us to do it as a family on Christmas morning :-)
How Piczzle Describes the Product:

Piczzle - your own puzzle from your special image.
Piczzle's Cardboard Puzzles are made of outstanding materials, top craftsmanship and the highest print quality. They are constructed of a premium grade cardboard that has been laminated with a glossy finish. Our cardboard puzzles are precision press cut so that all pieces will be perfectly match one another and they are printed using an advanced digital printing technique that results in sharp, multicolored prints. 

Now for my take on it: I have to own up to some serious, major league bias here. I mean, COME ON, it has my dog's super sweet face on the box. How can I not love it?! Now that that is out of the way...

When the opportunity to review Piczzle Photo Puzzles came up, I thought it would be a fun review to do, especially with the holidays coming up.  Everyone is looking for gifts this time of year, and I tend to like making my gifts personalized so people really know that I was thinking about them. Now though I have never been a fan of jigsaw puzzles in general (too easy for me), I really love the idea behind Piczzle Photo Puzzles.  I think they are a fun twist on family photos and I think parents and grandparents of little ones would really enjoy it.  Mine is already wrapped and under the tree, awaiting Christmas morning. :-)

Enter below to win your very own small cardboard Piczzle! Note that to be eligible to win the Noxicare Giveaway you must be subscribed to Spoiled Boxes on Bloglovin, follow @SpoiledBoxesBlog on Twitter, and answer the question below.  Good Luck!

And the winner is A.C.!!!! Congratulations!

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Noxicare™ Natural Pain Relief Cream Review and Giveaway *Ended! Winner Announced!

Noxicare's description of the product:

Noxicare™ Natural Pain Relief Cream

Noxicare™ Natural Pain Relief Cream is a lightweight, non-greasy, non-staining and odorless cream that features 7 of the world’s most potent natural pain-relievers.
This elegant cream may safely be used every day, and will help relieve pain associated with: joints and muscles; inflammation; musculoskeletal disorders, neuropathy; and is safe for everyday use.

My take on it:

I am pretty athletic and have muscle pains, etc., from that pretty often, but I get a lot of my annoying, persistent pain from doing ordinary things.  I frequently will have an ache in my tricep from working at my keyboard or using the mouse. Sometimes my dog will sneak into bed at night and wedge his paws in my lower back and I will be ouchy for most of the day.  So muscle pain is a really issue for me, one that I have spent a fair amount of time and money trying to address.

Last year, when these issues were at their worst, I went a little nuts trying things because the muscle pains were actually making it difficult to fall asleep and/or waking me up at night. It was that bad.  I cannot tell you how much I wish that this product was among my finds at the time, because it is definitely more effective than anything I tried. And I tried A LOT.

Color me completely surprised, Noxicare. I mean, I do not understand why I find it shocking when a product does what it says it will, but there it is.  The cream goes on smoothly and was surprisingly fast acting.  I think it is particularly good for muscular pain that is related to tension, since the absence of pain seems to let the muscles relax. If you have persistent issues, like my tricep, you may have to keep re-applying.

It is $26.95 for a 3.5 oz bottle through their website.  That said, you do not need to use much to get the desired effect, so a 3.5 oz bottle could actually last you a while. I definitely will re-purchase it when mine runs out and I definitely would recommend it to anyone who is having issues similar to mine.

Enter below to win your very own tube of Noxicare Cream! Note that to be eligible to win the Noxicare Giveaway you must be subscribed to Spoiled Boxes on Bloglovin and follow @SpoiledBoxesBlog on Twitter.  Good Luck!

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas "Morning" Jolliness

Merrrrrrrrrrrry Christmas Sweet Peeps!

It is almost 2am my time, and I just tried to convince my boyfriend that it IS in fact Christmas morning, so Christmas could get cracking already!  I was unsuccessful at getting Mr. GrinchyPants (a title not entirely deserved) on board, so I am in my living room sporting my jammies and Santa hat, writing this post. My dogs were on board with my version of Christmas morning (possibly because they thought snacks could be involved) and were duly rewarded for their Christmas spirit. So, as I crunch on some Christmas candy from yesterday's haul (let's call it pre-breakfast), I am thinking of you all, dear readers of my happy, silly, often downright jolly little blog.

Thank you for what you share with me everyday.  Thank you for popping in, sharing my giddiness for the light and fluffy things that make the world ever so slightly more sparkly year-round.

Just...thank you.

My little blog is a very happy little space in my life, and it is only made happier knowing that you all share in it with me.

Wishing you much love and light and laughter and joy,


p.s.-Know that this message is indeed for you, whether you celebrate Christmas or not.  I am grateful for each of you, and the abundance you share ;-)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Random Quickie Review: Nestle Holiday Treats

So, Nestle was kind enough to send me a bunch of holiday-themed chocolate and candy treats to review. Was there any doubt whatsoever that I would agree to the review? NO.  They sent me chocolate, thereby cracking the code to get me to do most things ;-)

I assembled the treats in a basket of mine because I thought it made the selection look more festive.  It also made me think that it might actually be pretty fun to give a friend big pile of chocolate in a gift basket, especially since I am so easily swayed by treats ;-)  (Not this basket of treats though-this one is allllll mine ;-).

16 oz. Nestle Crunch Bar:
Eeeep!  Why is this SO exciting? I do not know. I feel I love this for less than practical reasons. The kid in me is screaming, "IT IS A GIANT BAR OF CHOCOLATE!" 'Nuff said.

Assorted Mini Candy Bars (Nestle Crunch, Baby Ruth, Butterfinger):
These are your standard mini candy bars, dressed up for the holidays.  I like the candy included in the selection, and I can assure you they will not last long in my house ;-)

Wonka Spree Candy Cane: I have always liked the whole idea of candy canes tubes full of little candies.  I like Spree candy okay, and the packaging is very happy looking.  I always think about re-purposing the candy cane containers, but could never come up with a good idea for it.
Everlasting Gobstopper Candy Canes
Well, I have never been a fan of traditional candy canes but I really like how they look for decorating. I would have liked the appearance of these canes a lot more if they were striped.  Even though they are seasonal colors their overall appearance is not all that fun.  Plus, plain green does not look good on a Christmas tree. I confess to being curious about how it "changes colors and flavors" as it states on the box.  Finding out what that meant also seemed to involve a commitment in licking it for a while. The gobstopper canes were way too sweet for my taste, did not have much of a flavor beyond "fruity", and did not seem to change flavors as promised.

For the Love of Nerds Gotta Have Grape and Seriously Strawberry Holiday Assortment
I have always been sort of meh about Nerds on their own, but the packaging is pretty cute and I will eat them (after all of the chocolate is gone ;-)

Holiday Nerds Rope
This is actually really fun. It is a "soft gummy rope with tiny tangy crunchy Nerds candy."  The Nerds on the rope are red, green, and white.  This treat is really cute, tastes pretty darn good, and makes me want to make little wreaths out of it :-) 

All in all, I really enjoyed this assortment.  Since the Nerds Rope spurred my desire to look into this wreath concept, I thought I would share a recipe from Very Best Baking on how to make your own "Very Merry Cookie Wreath."

Be sure to check out the site for all of the details, but here is the basic recipe.

Very Merry Cookie Wreath

45 mins
10 mins
20 servings
Very Merry Cookie Wreath is a fantastic and fun holiday project for kids! This recipe creates a life-sized chocolate chip cookie wreath. Everyone can get involved with decorating by adding frosting, candy and your choice of sweet confections. You’ve never had a center piece that tasted this great!


  • 1 package (16.5 oz.) NESTLÉ TOLL HOUSE Refrigerated Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar Dough
  • 1 container (16 oz.) prepared vanilla frosting
  • Green food coloring
  • 14- x 17-inch piece of cardboard for base, covered in foil or parchment paper or large flat platter
  • NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Morsels (such as Semi-Sweet Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Premier White)
  • Assorted WONKA® Holiday Candies (WONKA® EVERLASTING COBSTOPPER® Snowballs, NERDS® or SPREE®)
  • Decorator sprinkles, candies and sugars
  • 20-inch strip of strawberry fruit-flavored snack in 3-foot rolls


PREPARE cookies following package directions. Cool on baking sheets for 2 minutes. Remove to wire rack to cool completely.

COMBINE frosting and food coloring in small bowl to shade of green desired.

SPREAD heaping teaspoons of frosting on flat sides of cookies.

ARRANGE 15 cookies on the base or platter in a 12-inch circle to form outer ring of wreath.

ARRANGE 12 cookies inside the outer ring of cookies, forming inside ring of wreath. Adhered cookies can be moved to create more space.

ARRANGE remaining 13 cookies on base ring for a second layer.

DECORATE with remaining frosting, morsels, candies, sprinkles and sugars as desired. Attach bow to top of wreath.

CUT four 5-inch strips from fruit snack roll. Peel off paper backing. Cut a small “V” on end of two strips. Form loops with remaining two strips; pinch ends together. Place loops on top of strips. Pinch all together to make bow!

• For easier decorating, 1 cup of icing can be spooned into resealable, heavy-duty plastic bag; seal. Cut small corner of bag. Squeeze bag to use. Fill with additional icing as needed. Store any leftover icing covered in refrigerator for up to 30 days. • Cookies can also be made into a tree, initials or any other shape desired.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Glossybox December 2013 Spoiler

Got my Glossybox today!

Image Credit: Glossybox

Glossybox for December will have theme Gloss and Glamour and will include:

Spoiler 1: Nails inc Nail Polish
CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90
photo credit: Nails Inc

Chic and sophisticated >> Adorn your fingertips with the deep cherry Nails Inc. Victoria Polish ($9.50 value), included in every box this month. >> Order Now
Image Credit: Glossybox

Spoiler 2: Naobay Natural & Organic Oxygenating Cream Moisturizing (Many thanks to Dianne for the heads up!)
Photo Credit: Glossybox

Spoiler 3: Michael Todd Pumpkin Rich Facial Mask (This was sent out in an Ipsy bag earlier this year) *Confirmed (Many thanks to shutterblog)
Spoiler 4: Anatomicals You need a Blooming Shower *Confirmed
Spoiler 5: WInk Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancer *Confirmed (Many thanks to camel11  :-)
Spoiler 6: Ardency Inn Punker Eyeliner Crayon *Confirmed (Many thanks to panicked :-)
Spoiler 7: Dr. Hunter's Rosewater & Glycerine Hand Creme *Confirmed (Many thanks to panicked :-)

Remember Glossybox typically sends out 5 items so there will be variations.

Lastly, thanks to shutterblog from MUT for cracking this case wide open for the final deets!

*Enabler alert! You can get an extra $2.75 off if you use your ebates account to subscribe to Glossybox but only if you do not use any other additional codes. Glossybox has started being a little fussier on when people can get the additional ebates discount. I try to check ebates every time before I buy something, because I can usually get a discount there. It even works on their special edition boxes.

Coupon Code GBPEN : Bonus Ardency Inn Cream Eyeshadow Pen with Any New Subscription (Offer Not Valid for Limited Edition Boxes. Monthly, 3, 6 & 12 Month Subscriptions Only ) (Exp. 12/31/2013)
And please follow Spoiled Boxes because it would make me smile :-)

More spoilers as I learn them!

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Friday, December 20, 2013

FabFitFun Winter Essentials VIP Box 2013 Spoilers

Got my box!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

You can get $10 off a FabFitFun box using this code: 725482   I do not know if it is a single use or unlimited use code though! EARLYBIRD5 may work to get you $5 off.  

Check this link out for the Giulana's teasers.

Here are the spoilers for the Winter FabFitFun box!

Never Ending Necklace
Photo Credit: Giving Keys

Spoiler 1:  "Never Ending Necklace" from The Giving Keys. $55 * Confirmed
Spoiler 2: TruEnergy Headphones *Confirmed
Photo Credit: Fabfitfun

Spoiler 3: Beauty For Real Lip Gloss *Confirmed
Photo Credit: Beauty for Real
Miracle 24 Face 3 Treatments
Image Credit:Bioxidea
Spoiler 4: Miracle 24 Face 3 Treatments *Confirmed

Spoiler 5: NYX Eyeshadow Palette in Love in Florence *Confirmed
Close this window
Photo Credit: NYX

Spoiler 6: Simple Foaming Face Wash *Confirmed
Photo Credit: SImple
Spoiler 7: Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Cream *Confirmed
Eye Cream
sPhoto Credit: Skyn Iceland

Spoiler 8: Lorna Jane Move It Bracelet in Pink (plus 20% off lorna jane)

Spoiler 9: MeUndies $20 gift card

Spoiler 10: Physique 57 five online classes

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Quick Tips for the Naked 3 Palette from Urban Decay

Photo Credit: Urban Decay
I recently bought the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, and have been working with it almost daily trying to get acquainted with its shadows, how they work together, etc.

Okay, that sounded terribly serious, so I will translate the blogger-speak above for you-I have been playing with it! Ha!

Anyways, I thought I would share a couple of quick tips for it.  First, even if you tap off your brushes, there is going to be some fallout. Since the Naked 3 is so pinky toned, if you do not address the fallout issue, it can look like you are having an allergic reaction :-)

So if you are a foundation first girl, apply plenty of translucent powder under your eyes before you apply eyeshadow, and dust it off with a fan or powder brush when you are done.  If you are an eyeshadow first girl, then keep your makeup remover handy and clean off that area before you start applying a foundation or other face products.  If you have some stubborn micro glitter, then gently apply some scotch tape, and it should lift right off.

Also, for the darker shades of the palette, such as Blackheart, I have been using a pencil brush for precise application. Now of course, depending what you are trying to do, a pencil brush may not be your first choice, but for the looks I tend to go for, I am looking to apply those dark shades verrrrry carefully.

Next, I have found two liners that I think complement the Naked3 really well.  First is, Stila's Smudge Stick Eyeliner in Ladyfish, which Stila describes as a "golden pewter shimmer." I just found is no longer available unless you pick up their Luxe Palette.  I find this fun fact pretty irritating and almost skipped telling you guys about the color, but then I thought if you happen to have the Luxe Palette, you may want the heads up on this.
Luxe Eye Shadow Palette
Photo Credit: Stila

The second is Starlooks eye pencil in Metallic Taupe which IS available on their site for $12.  The photo below does not come close to doing it justice. The subtle metallic sheen really makes this liner special, and steps up a neutral look.

Eye Pencil
Photo Credit: Starlooks
Anyways, I hope you guys found those tips to be at least somewhat helpful :-)  If you have any tips or tricks or thoughts on the Naked 3, please let me know.

*Don't forget to use your Ebates for cash back at Ulta and Sephora (and other retailers for that matter), especially since the palette is excluded from coupons! If you do not already have Ebates, get it here!

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Starlooks Starbox December 2013 Spoilers

*Update: I seriously LOVE this palette!  
My palette is here! The name of the palette is "New Year's Eve 2014" (#15es9).

The looksbook is up and the theme is Holiday Special. We are getting a 15 Shade Shadow Palette valued at $99.00! WooHoo!

Here are the 15 shade palettes they have on their site. Let me know what you are guessing we will get and what you are wishing for:

Here is what they say about their 15 shade palettes:

These palettes contain color variations of our brilliant matte, sparkle and satin shadows that are unique to each palette and not available individually. Each palette's colors are specifically chosen to provide light to medium to dark versions of one color scheme, and also provide the perfect base tones for light looks, and the medium and dark tones for re-vamping your look throughout the day - from daily use to a night look! Some also provide a variety of bold colors in one palette, so that you always have all choices and ultimate color variations at your finger tips! 15 colors per palette.

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Love with Food December 2013 Spoilers

I got my December Love with Food Box yesterday!!!! It was a total win! I posted the spoilers in special consideration of my friend, LC, who was itching for some ;-) My boyfriend liked my box so well he just signed up for a year's subscription for the Deluxe. *$5 off with code PINLWF5
Regular Box:
December 2013 Tasting Box
Photo Credit: LWF

Deluxe Box (I get this one):

December 2013 Deluxe Box
Photo Credit: LWF

Angell Candy Bar from Betty Lou's
Excellence 70% Chocolate Square from Lindt & Sprüngli
Allergen-Free Peppermints from St. Claire's Organics
All-Natural Marshmallow Topper, MaddyMelts, from Madyson's Marshmallows
Chocolate Dipped Madeleine by Donsuemor
All-Natural Powdered Drinking Chocolate from Les Confitures a l'Ancienne
Natural Crisps from 34 Degrees
Molasses Spice Cookies from Grey Ghost Bakery
Spinach Dip Mix from Desert Gardens
Sun - Dried Tomato Parmesan Gourmet Popcorn by Oogies
Bruschetta by Milas
Plus a $35 off first purchase from Hello Fresh
And a Love with Food reusable grocery bag.

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Birchbox December 2013 Spoilers-Box Previews are up on the site!

Got my box today!

The Sneak Peek video is up!
This month's Birchbox theme is Holiday Wish
It will include:
Manna Kadar Cosmetics Sheer Glo in Birchbox Pink
Ahmad Teas Assorted Teas
Harvey Prince Hello
Number 4 High Performance Hair Care Non-Aerosol Hairspray
LAQA & Co. Lil' Lip Duo
TONI&GUY Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray
The Honest Company Honest Healing Balm

Featured Shop Products:
Jouer Sparkle & Shine Holiday Cracker
stila portrait of a perfect pout
Oribe Purse Size Collection
Gift with Purchase Rebecca Taylor Makeup Pouch

I am getting:

Greenleaf Starlight Candle
Greenleaf Starlight Candle
(I love candles!)
Mally Beauty Lip Magnifier
Mally Beauty Lip Magnifier
(I have never tried Mally so I am looking forward to it!)
Skin&Co Roma TRUFFLE THERAPY™ SERUM Boosting Anti-Aging Serum
Skin&Co Roma TRUFFLE THERAPY™ SERUM Boosting Anti-Aging Serum

Camille Beckman Body Butter
Camille Beckman Body Butter  
Nelson J Beverly Hills Argan Oil 7 Moisture Healing Mask
Nelson J Beverly Hills Argan Oil 7 Moisture Healing Mask

And please follow Spoiled Boxes because it would make me smile :-)

More spoilers as I learn them!

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ipsy My Glam bag December 2013 Spoilers **GLAM ROOMS HAVE UPDATED!

 I got my bag today!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooo happy! The face products were pretty neutral and the nail product funky. The perfumes smelled fresh and clean. I loved that I could (sort of) do a whole look with this month's bag.  In other words, Ipsy nailed it!
Color variations: I got the pencil in Caramel Mocha, the palette in Bright up your Life, the One Stick in Sunset

The Ipsy bag theme for December is Celebration and the bags will include:
Photo Credit: Bzz Bzz

Spoiler 1: Starrily Bzz Bzz Nail Polish
Spoiler 2: Be a Bombshell The One Stick (Girl Crush, Flustered, and Coral are being sent)
Photo Credit: Be a Bombshell

Spoiler 3: POP Beauty Eyeshadow Trios (Smokin Hot or Naturally Bare
Photo: DECEMBER GLAM BAG SNEAK PEEK #2 We're looking forward to partying with one of these colorful trios!
Photo Credit: Ipsy

Spoiler 4: NYX Lipstick (I love NYX lippies!) (B52, Sky Pink, Ceto, Iced Honey, Cream, Celene, Iris Sunflower, Goddess, Fusion, Hermes, Mute, Miracle, Hades, Muse, Rose, Hebe, Fortune Cookie, or Apollo)
Photo Credit: Ipsy

Spoiler 5: JCat Lip Pencil (Red Rose or Caramel Mocha)
Spoiler 6:Julie G Nail Polish in Sugar Plum Fairy
Photo Credit: Ipsy

Spoiler 7: Salon Perfect False Eyelashes #53
Spoiler 8: Demeter Roll-On Perfume in Snow
Spoiler 9: Ardell False Eyelashes 120 Demi
Spoiler 10: Mirabella Eye Blender Brush
Spoiler 11: Andrea Mod Lash False Eyelashes #33
Photo Credit: Ipsy

Spoiler 12: Push pop confetti
Spoiler 13: Nicka K Nail Polish in Classic Taupe or Ripe Apple
Spoiler 14: English Laundry Perfume set of Signature and Signature Pour Femme.

POP Beauty
Bright Up Your Life Eye Shadow Trio

Be a Bombshell
The One Stick

English Laundry
Signature Fragrances

J.Cat Beauty
Big Lip Pencil

Nail Polish

If you are not already subscribed to Ipsy, you can get on the waitlist here: Ipsy 

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