Sunday, December 15, 2013

Starlooks Starbox December 2013 Spoilers

*Update: I seriously LOVE this palette!  
My palette is here! The name of the palette is "New Year's Eve 2014" (#15es9).

The looksbook is up and the theme is Holiday Special. We are getting a 15 Shade Shadow Palette valued at $99.00! WooHoo!

Here are the 15 shade palettes they have on their site. Let me know what you are guessing we will get and what you are wishing for:

Here is what they say about their 15 shade palettes:

These palettes contain color variations of our brilliant matte, sparkle and satin shadows that are unique to each palette and not available individually. Each palette's colors are specifically chosen to provide light to medium to dark versions of one color scheme, and also provide the perfect base tones for light looks, and the medium and dark tones for re-vamping your look throughout the day - from daily use to a night look! Some also provide a variety of bold colors in one palette, so that you always have all choices and ultimate color variations at your finger tips! 15 colors per palette.

Enter the Nicest Nice List Giveaway here! Enter the Piczzle Giveaway here! And enter the Noxicare Giveaway here! WooHoo!

WIn a Starlooks palette!


  1. I just subbed this month & loved Novembers box. I can't wait to get December! It's also my birthday month, so I'm looking forward to two boxes! The ladies over at MUT think it may also be an unreleased palette.

    1. I think that could be the case as well. I think there will be more neutrals in this year's palette compared to last year's.

  2. I would love carnival , what a beautiful mix of shades , I think if I don't get that one I may order it if the palette I do get turns out being of good texture and pigmentation :)