Thursday, April 25, 2013

Starlooks Starbox April 2013 Spoiler

It is funny, when I first subscribed to Starlooks I was really unsure if I would stick with them, especially since I had already subscribed to other services that gave me plenty of stuff to experiment with monthly.  I have found that especially in the case of the this sub service, to know them is to love them.  I do not think I ever could have appreciated their value and uniqueness had I not actually had their box in hand.

The quality of the items I have received from them has been excellent, but beyond this, their monthly selections just seem to be really well thought out. They seem both intentional and cohesive, and not just for that given box month. Each box seems consciously curated to enhance or build upon what the subscriber has already received in previous boxes.

There is a rumor we may be getting setting powder this month! The April Looks Book is up and seems to emphasize nude lips, a more natural look, and...Headbands? Or maybe hair. I don't know :-)

The April Spoilers are In!  Here is what is in the box:

Translucent loose powder $19

Tendergloss lipstick in Trinity $11 (Different colors are being sent out.  I got the color Basic).

Sensation Mascara Primer $15
Mint lip balm  $5

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