Monday, August 5, 2013

POPSUGAR Must Have August 2013 Spoilers!

Spoilers for the August POPSUGAR box! 

Photo Credit: PhotoBucket
Photo Credit: Bentgo

Spoiler1 : Bentgo Bento Box $19.99
Magnolia Fig Body Wash
Photo Credit: Lulah
Spoiler 3: To Do Noteboook
Spoiler 4: Naturebox Dried Apples
(We are getting one of the Apple Bowls). Photo Credit: Lunares
Spoiler 5: Lunares Apple Bowl $20 ish
Photo Credit: Dermalogica
Spoiler 6: Dermalogica Samples $20 ish
Spoiler 7: Gorjana Necklace $65

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Our Gift to You!
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  1. Got my box today. I'm annoyed no anniversary gift inside. I've already contacted them but this is my second box. My first box July had a faulty supergoop -okay out of their control. But I want a complete box that I'm happy with overall. Also considering that item was publicized greatly they should have at least made sure the gift was in the box gosh!

    1. That stinks! Contact their customer service pronto. They are not the speediest at replying historically, but they have always resolved any issues that have cropped up. I am rather excited about the Bento box. Oh, and be sure to shake out all the tissue paper in cased your necklace is hiding in there.

    2. Definitely did. Yes love the other items, in the box... Bento box especially

  2. This was fun to read after I got my box today! How do you get wind of all of these spoilers? I will post my review this weekend. I really loved the necklace and the face products the best. And, I thought the planner was super cute!

    1. Dedication! Ha! I am glad you are enjoying it! I am still waiting on my Popsugar box, but I am usually last to get it. It is my favorite of all of my subscriptions :-)