Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Starlooks February 2014

Got my box today (March 3)!  I got the pigment in Tungsten, the lipstick in BFF, and the eyeshadow in Core. 

Update: Starlooks sent out a note (which I did not get) that the boxes are shipping late this month.  The email has a $5 off code, so if you did not get it I would email them.


1. $35 off code for Starlooks.com
2. Pigment in Tungsten or Wall Street
3. Lipstick in BFF, Lilu, or Drew
4. Cream Eyeshadow in Hologram, Phaser, Warp, or Core.
5. Brown Headband

The February Starlooks looksbook is up! This month's theme is Futurism.  Let me know if you guys have any guesses based on the pics.  I am thinking maybe an eyeshadow base, highlighter, and a lip gloss?

Here is their blurb about the box:

Image Credit: Starlooks.

February - Futurism

Metallics, geometrics, holographics, and accelerated movement toward ultimate simplicity are “in”. This Starbox gives you a taste of all this, and dares you to embrace the inevitable… the future.

*Hey Sweet Peeps- Feel free to post when there are sneak peeks you want me to weigh in on or if you have any guesses.  I try to be quick on the draw, but I hate thinking I might be missing out.

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  1. I have a feeling I'll be unsubscribing from Starbox after this month, unless they really wow me, or the loyalty box is really good. The March box is supposedly curated by a youtuber I don't follow... "Ashley Elizabeth." Meh.

    1. I knew about that, I still have not checked her out. I will though. The shipping is really late this month.