Monday, March 24, 2014

Starlooks March 2014 Spoiler

I got my box!

March - Ashley Hackman Signature Edition Starbox

The looksbook is up! Let me know if you guys have any guesses based on the pics. 
Here is their blurb about the box:

This classic, androgynous, Marilyn Monroe mix look screams “GIRL POWER! Everything you can do, I can do better. Everything you can do, I can do too!”
Show ‘em who’s BOSS this month with the March 2014 Starbox – featuring products chosen personally by  Makeup Artist and YouTube sensation Ashley Hackman. 

The box will focus on the eyes and lips. 
Lip Gloss
Image credit: Starlooks

Lip Gloss in Ultra or Ultimate

Angled liner brush
Image Credit: Deay1450 (Instagram)

Spoiler 1: Red Lipstick in Boss
Image Credit: Starlooks

Spoiler 2: Lip Liner in Cherry Cedar
Lip Liner
Image Credit: Starlooks

Spoiler 3:Black hole gel longwear eyeliner
Longwear Eyeliner Pots
Image Credit: Starlooks

Spoiler 4: Unknown at the moment
Spoiler 5: Unknown at the moment

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More spoilers as I learn them!


  1. I signed up just in Time march 10 to get the march box. When Can i expect my first box in the mail?

  2. No idea, I would touch base with Starlooks' Customer Service.

  3. Starlooks always (not including December) ships boxes the third and fourth weeks of the month. If you consider that the new subscriber deadline is the 10th of the that month, they begin to ship about only a week or so after that deadline. And their customer service is excellent!
    I'm a new subscriber.
    Happy blogging!

    1. Their customer service is awesome. I have been with them for over a year. I sort of like that they tend to ship on a different schedule than most services.