Wednesday, October 16, 2013

POPSUGAR Neiman Marcus Special Edition Box for sale for $250 *Sold Out*

The box will have 9 items total, I will update with spoilers as I get them.  The cost of the box will be $250, with a retail value of $600.  I am so sad, because this may be the first  POPSUGAR  box for women I won't be getting.  The price point just seems outlandish. :-(

Your Exclusive Inside Look — Neiman Marcus POPSUGAR Must Have

Spoiler 1: Sandford Chevron-Pattern Knit Throw MSRP $195
Spoiler 2: Le Metier de Beaute Limited Edition Kaleidoscope Palette. MSRP $95.No idea if it will be lip products or eyeshadows.
Spoiler 3: Jonathan Adler Product
Spoiler 4: Product designed by Lisa Sugar from Popsugar and Ken from Neiman-Marcus.
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    1. It will be up on Popsugar's site today sometime. It is not up yet. I will post when it does.