Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Oh, Hautelook...The Best of Beauty Bags will also be available on Hautelook 8/1 at 8am Pacific

Photo Credit: Hautelook

Photo Credit: Hautelook

Hautelook is pulling out all the stops this week (at least when it comes to what I would buy there). First Urban Decay, then theBalm, and now the Best of Beauty Bags.  The Spring Bag, The Summer Bag, The Summer Essentials Bag, and the Crown Beauty bag will all be on Hautelook tomorrow.  I tried throwing this info in with my post on the Balm but it looked weird.  I personally got the Spring Bag and the Summer Essentials bag when they were on sale originally. 

There, now you are informed and I can breathe easier ;-)

*Update: I picked up a Spring Bag. I got it when it came out, but I am already halfway through my Suki, so I think it is worth it just for the Suki :-)

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