Friday, July 5, 2013

Stages of Subscribing to Subscription Box Services

1. Denial

"What? People send you little presents every month? NO WAY!"

"I don't know if I really need a makeup subscription.

"I would never subscribe to more than one makeup subscription. Come on, that is a little excessive isn't it?"

"What? There's a box that just sends you nail polish?! Well, that doesn't really count as a makeup subscription does it?" 

"What? There is a box that sends you all full-sized makeup every month? Well that is just economical!  And those full-sized items would augment my samples so nicely!"

2. Anger

"Why didn't I find out about this box before?! I missed the good month!"

"Ugh!!! When are they going to ship!"

"Argh!!! The shipping is so slow!"

 "Seriously SmartPost?! What magic journey will you send my box on this month? Is it possible for you to send my box on a slower, more indirect and bizarre route?!"

"Why does this box hate me? I never get the thing I want!"

3. Bargaining

"Okay, so if I skip a month of this sub, then I am only really subscribed to five, which is totally reasonable, especially since I would have to buy a lot of this stuff eventually, right?"

4. Depression

"I have spent HOW MUCH on subscription boxes?!  How did that even happen?! I cannot give up this one, or this one, looks like you are on the chopping block this month. But I will miss you, I promise."

5. Acceptance

"My name is Kitten Mittens, and I am a subscriptoholic."

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