Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What I got today: Premium 4 Piece Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set From Royal Care Cosmetics

Kabuki Makeup Brush Set from Royal Care Cosmetics. Photo Credit: Royal Care Cosmetics

I blame Coastal Scents for this purchase. (Not really. Okay, yes I do.)  If my Coastal Scents set had not fallen apart so rapidly and if Coastal Scents customer service done anything about it (see this post for details), I would not have bought this set. Yes, I am still really annoyed with Coastal Scents.

I got the set for $15.95 plus $5.17 shipping from Amazon.com.  I refused to pay a lot for what I really consider to be a replacement for the Coastal Scents ones that are falling apart but I had also heard good things about this set so I felt they were well worth trying. I am excited to try them out. Some of them seem familiar but the real key will be their performance.

I will check back in after I have gotten to play with them a while and let you know what I think.

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