Thursday, June 5, 2014

Randomnosity: The June 5, 2014 Edition

Here we go!

  • I really want one of those NYX Macaron Lippies even though I cannot imagine wearing one outside of my house (unless it is Halloween).  Plus, I cannot figure out what color would be coolest. If any of you want to weigh in one this point, let me know, because we ALL know I will end up getting one of them.
    Image Credit: NYX
  • I have been all about highlighters and "effects" face powders lately (i.e., Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders, Too Faced Candlelight Duo, etc.).
  • Image Credit: Hourglass
  • I recently learned about using antiperspirant on the face to prevent makeup melt on special occasions. Why did I not know about this before?  For the record, the Almay one works better than the one specifically formulated for the face
  • Image Credit: Almay
  • I am once again reminded of how Coromega makes my skin and hair more luminous when I run out. (Plus it is good for health in general.)
  • Coromega Omega-3 Supplement, Orange Flavor, Squeeze Packets, 90-Count Box 
    Image Credit: Coromega
And that is all for this edition! Note that none of the above are affiliate links, I just thought I would share the actual products I am using.  Please feel free to share your adventures in randomness!

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  1. Hey, I actually got a big thing of Coromega and have been contemplating using it.. but was curious: does it really make your skin and hair better, and does it taste good or do you mix it with something else?
    Thanks, xx

    1. Thanks for chiming in! It definitely had positive effects on my hair and skin, though I actually started taking it for the health benefits. I have been using it for well over a year (maybe even two years) but it did not take long for me to notice the differences it made. I am guessing but I think I really noticed after about three weeks. It was the middle of winter and I realized that both my skin and hair were softer and shinier, to the point where I needed to use less moisturizer. I take it 2-3 times a day (the regular single dose) and I do not mix it with anything I just swallow it. They have different flavors, and though I tend to prefer the orange or chocolate orange flavors, all of the flavors are okay. I just checked out your blog and I am now following you on bloglovin :-)

  2. Antiperspirant for my face? The hell you say?! The need for more palettes annoys me as well, doesn't stop me from getting more. Picked up three already this week, eyeing four more o_0. Just got two Ambient Lighting blushes, Mood Exposure and Diffused Heat, Diffused Heat, does not impress, it will be going back. Shall give you something new to obsess over? Ok, Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Souffle, six colours, just like the Ambient Lighting blushes, in a soft cushiony form. You're welcome. I will not go down alone, lol.

    1. I was annoyed that I did not know about the antiperspirant for my face thing earlier! Now I would not do it everyday, but it was a lifesaver at a recent hot and humid wedding I attended! Ugh, the palettes thing annoys me so much! It is so silly. I have not been drawn to the ambient blushes, and it is good to have your take on them.
      Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Enabler! I totally just googled it! So, do you love them?

    2. Um...probably gonna check out the face antiperspirant thingies soon. I'll have a post on both the Becca and Hourglass blushes in 1-2 weeks, you have me on bloglovin so you'll get a ding when both are up, I have a tonne of Sleek stuff to work my way through, and the full Coastal Scents new revealed palette to review in depth. First impressions of both Ambient Lighting blushes, they're hard to work with and kinda hit or miss, when they work, awesome, when they don't, oh boy. I also wanted to tell you that the NYX Macarons can be mixed for wearing, so you can create great colour combos.

    3. If you try the antiperspirant thing, I recommend that Almay one since it is clear, fragrance free, and hypoallergenic. I used it where I would need it before I applied any other makeup and made sure it had dried first. Also, I kept it away from my eyes just in case. You may want to do a test spot if your skin is sensitive. Anyways, it rocks! I did know you could combine the NYX lippies, but I rarely mix my lip products (not that I would not on occasion). I not only sub to your blog but I get email notifications so I should be able to see those new posts. (For the rest of you, her blog is ). I just saw your CS palette one!