Monday, June 23, 2014

Starlooks June 2014 Spoiler
Image Credit: Starlooks

The looksbook is up! The theme is Royals Let me know if you guys have any guesses based on the pics. I am wondering if that is concealer on the model's lips. If you have not subscribed to Starbox and want to, you can do so here.
Those lips in the looksbook are something else!
The blurb is up!
During the era of Marie Antoinette and her court, women prided themselves with their adornments – class, elegance, and etiquette were everything! Garnished with crystal headpieces and painted with the finest of pigments, only the most elegant of royalty were privileged enough to sport the more luxurious items of fashion and beauty.
Luckily in our day, every girl can feel like a Princess. This June, we want to remind you not to forget about your glamorous side. Whether it’s just for a day of shopping, or a night out on the town, embrace your inner Dutchess and adorn yourself with whatever makes you feel like Royalty.
Spoiler 1: Longwear Lipstick in the color Limitless
Spoiler 2: Longwear eyeliner pot in the color Sun
Spoiler 3: Cream blush/highlighter in the color "Fallen Angel"

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More spoilers as I learn them!


  1. Seriously, they NEED to fire their makeup artist. Smh.

    1. I think it is meant to be "arty" but yeah, it is not really appealing.

    2. Is not just that. If you're going to do that look it needs to be on someone with either a very small mouth or thin lips, not someone with full lips otherwise the poor girl will just look like she's messed her lipstick and didn't fix it like the girl here. Also it's just not clean and even, some parts aren't filled in properly, is just a mess. Like the time they used eye shadow as highlighter and had that huge bronze strip running down that poor, very pale girl's nose? They need better makeup artists, lol.

    3. I was not too fond of the look so I actually did not look much more closely after the first glance. I have also found their looks books to not be too helpful in guessing spoilers. Yeah...that bronze strip was NOT cute.

  2. I like one picture but think the other look is to out there for my age. The boxes to me are getting worse. I had to give most of last month's box away. I am to old for shimmer on my cheeks or body. At my age is all matte all the time.

  3. I am thinking about taking a break with this sub. I have a lot of product and I am just not excited about what I have been getting month to month.

  4. She is pretty but I don't like how they did her lipstick.