Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Randomnosity: The January 7, 2014 Edition (Naked3, NYX, False Lashes, My New Year's Resolution, It's Really Cold)

As promised, this post is chock full of randomness...Enjoy!

  • Tonight, on impulse, I swatched Urban Decay's Blackheart eyeshadow (from the Naked3 palette) over NYX's Black Bean Jumbo Pencil and....IT WAS AWESOME. Seriously, it cranked that color up to another level. If you have both of these in your stash try it and experience the awesome.
  • So, last year I actually had a Beauty New Year's Resolution, which is seriously pretty dorky but nonetheless true.  I resolved to wear eyeshadow every day (unless I was sick) until I could capably create any look I wanted. Mission accomplished!
  • So, this year I seek to tackle false eyelashes. This one should be easier because I think I already have made good progress and we are only a few days in.  I will apply false lashes (not necessarily wear them where others can see me) at least 5 out of 7 days of the week until I am really comfortable with the process.  In case you were wondering, is there any good reason I need to become comfortable with false eyelash application? No. None at all. But I like to attack things that intimidate me, so there you have it :-)
  • Allll the subscriptions (it seems anyways) are late to ship and late to post sneaky teasers.  Normally, I am sort of okay with this. Oddly enough, having a blog about spoilers (which was born from my impatience for spoilers) has taught me patience.  It is a problem for me at the moment though, because this is not a good week for me to have to spoiler hunt. Last week, would have been fine, this week is rough. Not only do I have the scary cold outside to contend with, but I have been realllly sick.  Reallllly sick. As in, posting on the internet seems like effort :-( 
  •  I am grateful to the electric company for maintaining service (and therefore heat) and I am grateful for the sweet ways you guys surprise me and share your sweetness, kind feedback, and enthusiasm with me. Thank you <3 
And please follow Spoiled Boxes because it would make me smile :-) (That is true by the way, I smile each and every time it happens :-)

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