Thursday, January 2, 2014

Randomnosity January 2, 2014 Edition

So.. today I received Stila's Color Me Glossy Set of assorted lip glosses...
 And my dog was requesting a cuddle.  And smooching did happen. Right on his "paw print." And it took a bit of effort to remove. Blame Stila ;-)

It is not easy living with a beauty blogger....HA!

Other random tidbits...

  • I decided to title this Randomnosity because I thought it might be fun for my random tidbits to have their own title.  FYI, nothing serious will ever be posted under this tag-guaranteed.
  • Recently I bumped into some ridiculously cute comments some of you guys made about my blog and it TOTALLY made my day. Actually, it totally made a few days for me. Thank you so very much. <3
  • Tonight, I pulled out my Ecobeauty book by Lauren and Janice Cox, so I could whip up some lip balm, and stick moisturizer (weird I know, but I sort of like that format for moisturizing my feet before bed).
  • Making my own bath and beauty products is an utterly ridiculous (but pretty fun) past time of mine.  Utterly ridiculous, because I have a ton of wonderful, high quality, bath and beauty products at my disposal at all times. BUT IT IS FUN, so I do it! Also, sometimes, I want the fragrance of one thing, with the texture of another.  You could call it Frankenbeauty.  Also, my peeps LOVE getting my confections as gifts since they are generally cute and always indulgent.  Still. It is a bit silly.
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WIn a Starlooks palette!


  1. Absolutely adorable!! And the shade is perfect IMHO.... (:

  2. He can make me doing anything with his big, melty eyes. The shade is Coral, which provides a nice contrast to the black and white ensemble he is sporting. #spottedselfie for the win!