Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Starlooks Starbox January 2014 (SPOILERS!)

Got my box yesterday! For the first time ever I did not get a shipping notice, it was just a surprise!
I received lipstick in Claudia, gloss in Midriff, lip pencil in Roseate, and eye pencil in brown.  I was especially excited about the eye pencil because mine was running low.

Photo Credit: Starlooks
The looksbook is up! This month's theme is Reflect, Cleanse, and Start Fresh.  Let me know if you guys have any guesses based on the pics.  I am thinking we might get some kind of cleansing supplement as a bonus item. I am also thinking hair care product. I am also wondering about false eyelashes from the pic.

Here is their blurb about the box:

Time to drink a cup of kindness for Auld Lang Syne and start a’new – with a fresh body, a fresh mind, and a fresh face. This month is a very special one, as we all have the opportunity to take a deep look into ourselves, say goodbye to the things we want to change, and welcome new transformations and goals. Starlooks encourages you to add our motto to your list of resolutions this January - Surprise Yourself.

Don’t hit the snooze button. Wake up in time to enjoy a cup-o-joe. Take a moment to notice what a beautiful winter day it is outside. Take the time to make yourself look and feel as gorgeous on the outside as you are on the inside. And before you head out to start your day, try that new, unused eye shadow, lipstick, liner, or piece of makeup you never thought you could pull off, and watch the heads turn and the complements flow… you won’t regret it, we promise ;)
*Hey Sweet Peeps- Feel free to post when there are sneak peeks you want me to weigh in on or if you have any guesses.  I try to be quick on the draw, but I hate thinking I might be missing out.

Here are the spoilers!
Image Credit: Starlooks

Image Credit: Starlooks

Image Credit: Starlooks

Bonus item: Eyebrow Comb

This month they will be sending out variations so even though we now know what one person got in their box, we all could get different items. At least that is how I am understanding it. They have never done anything like that before.

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More spoilers as I learn them!


  1. could it be a coffee cup? cups are referenced a number of times there... mine hasn't even shipped yet - so frustrated!

  2. That would be heavy to ship. Maybe something coffee related? A mocha mask? Mine has not shipped yet either.

  3. Hopefully the pics are showing up. I cannot edit the post at the moment, the software is acting wonky.

  4. So are we getting the lippys? If so I would be really disappointed. Four lippys? That is crazy

    1. There are variations this month. So really I do not think we have any idea as to what we are getting. It is definitely a surprise.

    2. Are the boxes usually all the same? For instance the December palette?

    3. Yes, they are usually all the same. There was an instance in which shades were customized to skin tone, and in Dec 2012 two different variations of the same palette were sent, but usually everyone gets the same thing.